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UBK Consulting is an independent strategy, technology, M&A and structured finance advisor in the energy, infrastructure and environmental space.

We are an international consulting boutique offering an interdisciplinary combination of expertise in strategy, finance, executive management and technology to the solution of business issues in the energy, infrastructure and environmental space. We offer our clients strategy, project finance and private equity knowledge, including the use of supporting programs of multilateral financing and development agencies. We complete our advisory offer with technology advisory, business development and political risk management services.

The firm’s partners are globally recognized for their expertise in the sustainability space and bring many years of experience in successfully building and managing renewable energy and infrastructure development and financing businesses, in commercial and investment banks and in renewable energy development companies, in Europe and in the Americas.

UBK Consulting was founded in 1995 in Munich and has a subsidiary in São Paulo since 2020. Next to Munich and São Paulo, its partners are located in Berlin, Milan, Miami and Washington DC.


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We offer a full spectrum of financial advisory services for a variety of environmental industries, infrastructure & energy efficiency transactions, including structuring & arranging advisory and M&A consulting, and personalized services for investment and asset management. Our partners bring a combination of experience in investment banking, executive management and strategic consulting not commonly found in other advisory firms.

Structuring & Arranging Advisory

We provide advisory services in connection with the project or acquisition financing of sustainable infrastructure assets (environmental industries, infrastructure & energy efficiency). Our specific knowledge and our experience gained over many years in the field of structuring financial transactions in the sustainable infrastructure field make us a competent partner to advise you throughout the entire investment process, from the evaluation of the investment opportunity to the supervision of post-closing activities.

M&A Consulting

We provide consulting services for owners, purchasers, sellers, investors and lenders for selling, acquiring and evaluating sustainable infrastructure assets, service providers and manufacturers. Our team has performed various mandates of varying scope and complexity. These services may be as comprehensive as a technical due diligence assessment for an acquisition of a diversified portfolio of renewable energy assets or as focused as the determination of a fair market value of an individual asset for a potential buyer.

Investment Management

Besides transaction support, the services offered by UBK in the sustainable infrastructure space include specialist investment management and administration of the investment structures (whether a fund or a trust or a different structure) incorporated for the purpose of implementing your sustainable infrastructure investments. 


Continuous management of sustainable infrastructure investments and the preparation of regular and detailed performance reports are an integral part of our services. The analyses contained in the performance reports form the basis for steering your investment in an informed way with the ultimate goal to achieve optimal results. We focus on variance analyses, on the basis of operational and financial short- and medium-term objectives. 

Technology Advisory

We offer technology due diligence and technology assessment services. We help our clients to perform technology evaluation for investment suitability, product and process innovation, and business process improvement. We support the elaboration and review of budgets and project plans for technology investments, a possible M&A transaction, the launch of a startup, the restructuring of a problematic project, and in the realignment of business strategy and technology.

Technology Due Diligence and Technology Assessment

Whether you are an investor looking at an exciting technology business, or a CEO assessing your internal technology group, you know the importance of this key business function. Technology is strategic, fast moving and capital intensive. You may not have the necessary resources available for the job, or the access to the necessary independent competencies, or simply the time to do it yourself.

Interim Technology Management

There are times when the CIO, CTO, or VP of Engineering need help. We can jump into these challenging situations and provide the relief needed. We have experience with what works (and with what doesn't). We know how to recognize what will really work and what sounds good, but will be too risky for the projected payoff.

analytical consulting

We provide analytical consulting services to investors and corporations active in a variety of business areas in the sustainability space, including: renewable energy, financial services, information technology, infrastructures and transportation. We challenge traditional accounting firms through our business focused approach – we support our clients in making rational investment and divestment decisions. Our partners' background and track-record is in banking, strategy, engineering, IT and physics. We understand the needs of investment funds and multi-billion dollar corporations, as well as the requirements of small and medium size and start-up firms, and we tailor our services to suit each client and project.

Financial Modeling

We develop customized, detailed business-case-driven financial models, and provide bankability analysis services, in connection with the evaluation of investments in sustainable infrastructure assets, new business ventures, joint ventures or acquisitions. Our clients are project developers, investors, funds and large corporations. Our financial modeling services cover a broad range of client’s requirements, including screening of investment opportunities, modeling of transactions and M&A evaluation.

Model Audit

Model audit significantly reduces the risks of modeling errors and fulfills the requirements of investors, lenders and other stakeholders. We are a thorough model auditor, with experience ranging across all major sustainable infrastructure industries. We differentiate ourselves by our business-oriented approach, the track record of our team in executive management positions, a rigorous methodology and efficient communication.

business development

We have all the necessary skills to support our clients' business development: from market analysis and assessment of your potential vs. market entry opportunities and the formulation of sales and marketing plans, to operative implementation support, including executive search, M&A consulting, appointment of local directors, administration services and logistic support. We guide our clients in the new cultural, tax and legal environment and support them in the alignment of their operational procedures in order to ensure a smooth integration of the newly established business unit into the parent organization.

Assessing your Business Development Potential

We have developed specific tools aimed at evaluating real business opportunities based on your potentialities. We can offer tailor made expansion-driven SWOT analysis to guide you throughout your development process.

Marketing Strategy Consulting

We help you to look at the competitive environment – what your competitors are doing, where the next technological developments are coming from, and the general directions the market is moving. We profile customers and get their distinctive characteristics through a needs based segmentation. The whole market segmentation process allows then to judge about the attractiveness, profitability and position of identified segments through “acid tests” in order to apply a sharp marketing mix strategy.

Market Entry Approaches

Selecting entry approaches is another critical step to calibrate the extent and the characteristics of the market penetration. We have a recognized expertise to advise and accompany you in the handling of distributors, agency contracts, licensing, until setting up your own subsidiaries – or acquiring an existing company.

Business Planning

From Sales & Marketing accurate assumptions to key financial and economic figures: we support the market development with detailed business plans able to assess and demonstrate the viability of the development projects.


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